Our patients’ wellbeing is at the core of our thoughts and actions. This is why our Centre not only offers an exceptional clinical experience with modern, minimally invasive treatment concepts, but also has advanced, high-performance equipment in the operating theatres. The ambience on the wards and throughout the Centre is pleasant and welcoming.


Patients with supplementary health insurance are usually admitted to Ward E2 in the centre’s new wing. Known as the Enzenbühltrakt, it is very modern and a pleasantly relaxed setting. For a detailed overview of the facilities and patient room service, click here [LINK TO THE HOMEPAGE].


All patients are reliably and competently cared for by our certified nursing staff. The Hirslanden Centre is committed to creating, maintaining and improving a permanent awareness of the importance of quality care, according to international standards (EFQM and ISO certification). The patients’ rapid recovery and return to everyday life is also supported by our dedicated physio and occupational therapy teams, who are available daily for our patients.


During their stay at the Centre, patients will be co-supervised by healthcare professionals from other disciplines, as necessary. Specialists in perioperative coagulation disorders, special pain therapy, infectious diseases and consultants from the hormone centre are also available at any time.


The Hirslanden Centre offers intensive care on the most modern level for 24 patients, in 2 certified intensive care units (IPS Garten, IPS Enzenbühl) with capacity for 10 patients in the monitoring unit (ÜWS). This gives the Hirslanden Centre one of the largest interdisciplinary intensive care units in Switzerland. A certified stroke unit is also available for neurological monitoring.


In these wards, our patients are monitored and supported postoperatively and at any time as necessary, with regard to all vital functions such as breathing and circulation, but also neurological congestion, consciousness and food intake. The optimal treatment of severe pain is another important aspect of care on these wards.


After a minimally invasive neurosurgical procedure without complications, the patient can usually be transferred back to the ward the morning after the operation.


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