We are also happy to treat patients who do not live in Switzerland. This may pose challenges in terms of making contact with the patient, giving consultations and transmitting images, as well as in terms of the costs of treatment, travel and accommodation.


If we are to provide comprehensive, reliable advice, we need to have knowledge of any existing illness or ailment, and of the patient’s physical condition. We will also need to see the patient’s existing records and images. Information on the patient’s complaints, condition and written records can be sent by e-mail. However, diagnostic images are not enough for us to make reliable decisions about a neurosurgical procedure. The original image data files are so large that they cannot be sent by e-mail. Transfer platforms such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive and OneDrive can be helpful in this respect.


Under TREATMENT REQUEST, you can generate an e-mail with the above information, together with a link to upload your image data. If all the above information is available, a personal contact by telephone or video chat will be useful, if necessary with the help of an interpreter. You can make an appointment via the TREATMENT REQUEST module, or contact our administration office by phone.


The treatment costs for  inpatient surgical procedures are relatively high in Switzerland compared to other countries. For this reason, the question of who will be paying for the treatment must be clarified through a foreign insurance company, before a surgical procedure. The basis for this, but also for self-paying patients, is a cost estimate, which we will provide after formulating your treatment plan, based on the above information. The team at the HIRSLANDEN INTERNATIONAL department  will take care of all the formalities required for this process.


Arrival and accommodation before and after inpatient treatment We will be happy to provide you with information about hotels close to the Centre. In exceptional cases, the patient’s companion can be accommodated in the patient’s room at their own expense. This requires early reservation, and will depend on the capacity at the time.


We cannot usually accept international patients who require intensive care, or those in a life-threatening or unstable condition. This obviously does not include the repatriation of Swiss patients from abroad.

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